Founder Nadirah Goldsmith

Nadirah Goldsmith

As Founder & Visionary of the Wombmens Temple, Nadirah Goldsmith has a profound love for organizing and gathering women; inspiring, encouraging and empowering them to tap into the divine power within, giving birth to their full potential, and discover divine purpose.  Since graduating from Bennett College in 1999 with a B.A. of Psychology and studying Women & Gender Studies at the Graduate level at UNC Greensboro, Nadirah has been extensively involved with the work of healing and empowering women.

Ms. Goldsmith has served on the Board of “Girls Inc.”(Guilford County), facilitated Women’s Services with YWCA of High Point, volunteered with the Teen Parenting Mentor Program, managed clients at battered women and homeless women shelters, residential programs and volunteered with many organizations, programs and events that facilitate programs and events for the empowerment of girls and women across the country. A native of Philadelphia, PA, Nadirah currently resides in Greensboro, NC with her two children and is presently employed with her Alma Mata; Bennett College for Women.



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  1. Hi, i recieved a flyer from you today about “go hard or go home” overnight lock-inn me and my roommate was interested in volunteering. I dont know if this was the place to let you know that we wanted tob partake but i wasnt sure of where else to tell you. thankyou

  2. It was a joy meeting with you today. Love the site and look forward to meeting with you in the future!

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